Who are the Staff Recognition Heroes of 2020?

Who does a good job of recognizing staff?

Your answer could be someone who is an Everyday Staff Recognition Hero. By mid-October, we plan to compile a list of Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes for 2020.

Ensure your heroes are included, by clicking here to submit their names and a brief description of what they do to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of staff and others.

An Everyday Staff Recognition Hero is anyone who recognizes people in a workplace in simple, cost-effective ways that recipients value.

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A teacher and a manager are the everyday staff recognition heroes for 2019

It could be your boss, or a former boss. It could be a co-worker who regularly thanks peers for how they contribute and what they achieve. It could also be someone who you supervise, or a leader in another organization.

Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes could work anywhere—in a school, a health-care facility, a non-profit or a government office. Or maybe they work in the energy sector, in a manufacturing plant, a retail business or in the hospitality sector.

Click here to submit the name of your Everyday Staff Recognition Hero. And let your friends and colleagues know that we are looking for Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes. The more Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes we identify, the better.

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, October 7.

The names of the 2020 Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes will be announced in Briefly Noted just prior to National Boss Day, Friday, October 16. The Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes will receive a certificate and a copy of Thanks! GREAT Job!

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